Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Centrist Blog Endorses Raj

On June 10, The Centrist Blog officially endorsed Raj Peter Bhakta. Their “happy endorsement” labeled Raj “a political natural” who is “worth the vote.”

Once in a great while they seem to appear out of nowhere. In baseball, he would be called a natural. [See the Robert Redford movie The Natural for a refresher.] In politics they are sometimes called "can't miss".

Thus, this morning we have come to know a political "Natural". We were quite taken with this young man's presence, confidence, and message. Raj Peter Bhakta calls himself a Teddy Roosevelt Republican. He is running for the US House of Representatives from the 13th Congressional District (Montgomery/NE Philadelphia County), a seat currently held by Democrat Allyson Schwartz. I encourage you to visit his website and get to know this young man. He will undoubtedly be a figure on the political scene for quite a while to come.

I am not a resident of his district, but if I were, this is a man I would vote for. Read his issues, listen to the Flash presentation on his first page. This is a no-nonsense, reform-minded candidate. He is more than worth the look, he is worth the vote!


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