Thursday, June 29, 2006

Conveying Thanks, Commenting On Blogs, & Creating A Movement

Initially, I must thank the Real Ugly American founder Rick Calvert. Both for his objective interview and his complimetnary followup phone call. It was extremely heartening to hear that Rick was “impressed” with not only Raj’s passion, but also the candidate himself.

Rick’s phone call, during which he mentioned another possible connection, combined with the interview’s cross posting on Wiz Bang, made the day great before eleven a.m.

The blogosphere’s energy is amazing. When we held our initial meeting and decided to pursue a comprehensive internet strategy, we knew that certain blogs would entertain a conversation with us. We could have never imagined that these blogs, including those who have not endorsed us, would be so interested in working with our campaign.

Everyday, I trade e-mails and speak with these bloggers, everyday people, who have through their own initiative carved out niches and earned the respect of their colleagues, the media, and hardened political operatives such as myself. I know there are those jaded, sad souls who still do not embrace this medium’s potential.

This is not that campaign. We understand the bloggers. We appreciate the bloggers. We know that “making a difference’ is not a platitude to them. It is what they awake seeking to accomplish. Again, I continue to think of the same sentence spoken by former bosses and other political operatives… “what can this internet thing really get us?”

The answer is this day. The blogosphere can hand us voters, media, money… everything the traditional, boring campaigns of the last two hundred years. Yet, as this morning shows us, it can do so much more. It can, on its best days, create a movement…

Raymond S.


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