Tuesday, June 27, 2006

National Review Mention & The Lifeblood of this Campaign

Earlier today, National Review Online and Santorum Blogger Alex Charyna commented on Raj vs. Schwartz.

Raj is pretty charismatic and personable.

If he and his campaign can get a lot of free / earned media in the expensive (and soon to be politically deluged) Philadelphia market, he might have a chance.

Charyna also highlighted RajBlog.

The campaign’s energy is rising. Throughout the campaign offices, there is a real spirit pulsating in each person. Everyone believes that as they meet and speak with voters, everyday citizens who are tired of the direction of their city and this district, this race is winnable.

The online vigor is also increasing. The more I blog, the more I speak with fellow bloggers, the more I speak with people that merely own a computer, it becomes clear that our campaign is unprecedented. I remember when someone asked me at a previous campaign, “what can this internet thing really get us?”

No one knows. That is what I find so rewarding about this campaign. Ideas may work. Ideas may not work. However, there are no bad ideas here. Everyone is working toward the same goal and no one has been excluded. The word team, as clichéd as it sounds, actually means what the definition says.

Together, we know, as Alex acknowledged, that we can win. However, we also know that we can do more. Each day, the people of the Northeast are inspiring us. Not only do we want to do better for them. Not only do we need to better for them. We want to win for them. That is the lifeblood of this campaign.

Raymond S.


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