Monday, June 26, 2006

Raindrops, Realizations, & Requests for the Candidate

Phone calls are an integral part of politics. Who am I kidding, phone calls are a part of politics like water is a part of swimming. No one likes the hang-ups. No one is crazy about the occasional negative reactions. However, when the stars align and the people start talking, the feeling is incredible.

Our goal for the “Power Hour” was fifty favorable responses. Doesn’t seem like much? Obviously you have never been on the business end when the opposition party answers.

We blew it out. Seventy-five favorable responses were recorded, with time to spare.

The evening session began at five with one thing evidently clear… I need to stick to blogging… As the rain poured, Alice (who you will read a post from eventually) racked up forty-six favorable responses…by herself. I am struggling to crack double digits and she nails almost fifty?

The highlight of the evening was Eric (another staffer) being told that he would receive a vote in exchange for getting the candidate on the line. True to this campaign, and it’s shatter the mold image, Raj picked up the phone and engaged the voter in a conversation. Long story short, vote counted!

Raymond S.


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