Monday, June 26, 2006

Save The Endorses Raj

Yesterday, Save the officially endorsed Raj Peter Bhakta. Their endorsement states “Raj will be our political defense against anti-Americans & anti-capitalists.”

On you can learn more about this entrepreneur's campaign and his efforts in changing the way Washington runs. Raj highly disagrees with career politicians where these individuals stay in office for decades at a time in order to gain more power and lobby their own political agendas. Raj has committed to not follow the path of many congressmen by SELF IMPOSING a three year limit.

When it comes to our soldiers, national security and the protection of our homeland Raj is dedicated to making sure it is the best the USA has to offer. As a big veteran supporter Raj is dedicated to giving our current and past troops the respect and benefits they deserve from their service to our country. We live in a time of war and when it comes to the pursuit of security and protection Raj will be our political defense against anti-Americans & anti-capitalists.


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