Sunday, June 25, 2006

Tom Shakely & Friends Endorse Raj

On June 19, conservative bloggers Tom Shakely and Friends officially endorsed Raj Peter Bhakta. Their endorsement brands Raj as “living example of the kind of politician our Founding Fathers believed would best guide their great experiment in democratic representation.”

In deciding to endorse Raj Bhakta I decided simply to endorse the better candidate. That Bhakta is running as a Republican and Schwartz as a Democrat shouldn’t really be an over-arching concern in anyone’s decision. Issues like immigration reform and the environment are major issues upon which most will be concerned as November approaches. Raj is committed to strong, sensible immigration reform and effective border security.

The transparency and the legitimacy that comes with it are really what Raj Bhakta offers, irrespective of specific political concerns. With Bhakta representing Pennsylvania’s 13th district - my home district - Pennsylvanians and Americans will be the better.

It is time to elect the kind of politician whom America was meant to have: a dedicated American reformer whose purpose in Washington is clear to both him and his constituents. It is time to support Raj Bhakta to represent Pennylvania’s 13th district.