Sunday, July 16, 2006

Inquirer: Any Day, You Can Have A Killing

Philadelphia Inquirer discusses why every day can be fatal.

When it comes to homicide in Philadelphia this year, one day of the week is pretty much like any other.

There's no weekend blip.

That is, perhaps, the most remarkable fact to be gleaned from a review of the city's 185 slayings in the first half of 2006. That review shows that, as was the case last year, the typical victim of homicide in Philadelphia is a young black male. And he has been typically killed by a handgun.

"To people who aren't legitimately employed, one night of the week isn't much different from another," Professor Roger Lane said. "I think what we're seeing in Philadelphia reflects the high level of poverty and unemployment among younger, black males who, in large part, are both the perpetrators and the victims of these crimes."


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