Friday, July 21, 2006

Inquirer: "It looks like somebody dropped a bomb on it"

Philadelphia Inquirer reports from "foreign soil".

Emily Jackson, 48, mother of two, wore a crisp, cream-colored pantsuit, a diamond-pendant necklace, and a diamond-pendant bracelet. Her body rested in a steel, copper-colored casket.

As the immediate family gathered for one last, private viewing, a handkerchief was placed over Jackson's face. Overcome by the moment, her daughter, Aqueelah, 24, collapsed to the church floor.

Five days earlier, Emily Jackson had just walked her aunt to the Route 13 trolley stop when a gray minivan drove down the 2000 block of South 60th Street in Southwest Philadelphia. A gunman in the van sprayed the sidewalk with bullets, hitting four people, Jackson among them. She died early the next morning.

The night Jackson was shot, Monday, July 10, two others were murdered in Philadelphia - all in a half-hour span.

The day she was buried, Saturday, July 15, five more people were slain.


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