Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Is This Life Lambastes Mayor

Is This Life concurs with Raj’s denouncement.

In a city where a total vacuum of morality in "urban areas" is eventually the root cause of this chaos and carnage, wouldn't you WANT to use the Boy Scouts as an example?? Maybe try to get some of this children from broken homes involved in something that would give them a moral compass??????

Now, flying in the face of a Constitutional Charter, Mayor Street wants to start charging the Cradle of Liberty Council "fair market value" for the use of the property. He knows the BSA can't afford it. Oh, yeah, did I mention, there's a developer primed to put up a 47-story condo across the street from the BSA/COL headquarters?? Hmm,..who do you think is getting a little extra in his pocket on this play??


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Ray Smalley: I've sent you the e-mail, waiting for your reply!

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