Thursday, July 06, 2006

Raj Criticizes New York Times

The Real Ugly American has clarified Raj’s answer concerning the New York Times disclosure of the Terrorist Finance Program.

I would like to see an energetic effort to pursue those in the intelligence community that leaked the program from the Bush Administration.

We have rules on what’s classified and what’s not. Shady government leakers and New York Times writers shouldn’t make those decisions. The leakers in this case belong in jail and the writers must reveal who those people are.

The Terrorist Finance Tracking Program has been shown to have successfully identified some notorious al Qaeda members. The New York Times story means the terrorists can redirect their funding. That means more IED’s, more funs, and more bombs directed at our troops and innocent civilians.

I would have supported a resolution condemning the disclosure and printing of secret details of this program that passed the House of Representatives last Thursday. I was disappointed that my opponent Allyson Schwartz voted against that bill.

The leakers committed a criminal act that should keep them behind bars for a long time. The New York Times supplied our enemies with crucial information. I hope that people will remember this irresponsible action.


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