Saturday, July 22, 2006

Raj "Unrepentant"

From the Northeast Times:

Raj Bhakta is not backing down from his campaign theme of "Save the Northeast."

Bhakta, the Republican challenging U.S. Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D-13th dist.), was blasted last week in a column.

At issue was a Bhakta campaign flier that mentioned Mayor John Street "has declared war on the Northeast" and is destroying neighborhoods, with support from Schwartz.

The column accused Bhakta of playing "racial politics," adding that he sounded like the late segregationist Strom Thurmond.

While attending a vigil on Friday night to help capture a man who tried to rape a woman at Frankford Avenue and Benner Street, Bhakta said he is pushing his "Save the Northeast" theme because residents have told him that the area is not as safe as it was a decade ago. He added that he’s gotten positive feedback, even after the column appeared.

If elected, Bhakta would fight for funding for more cops.

"It’s the best deterrent — police officers on the street," he said.

Bhakta said he has spoken to police officers who are frustrated about a justice system that allows some criminals to get out of jail soon after their arrests.

"We need to have funding for prisons," he said.

Bhakta said he’ll continue to work with community activists such as C.B. Kimmins, whom he met at a recent fund-raiser for the family of slain police officer Gary Skerski.

And he’ll continue to advocate for citizens who value safety, cleanliness and civic-mindedness.

"I’m unrepentant," he said. "Save the Northeast."


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