Monday, July 03, 2006

Schwartz Responds to Flooding by Fundraising

On the very day that hundreds of Pennsylvanians were overwhelmed with flooding and much of the area labeled a disaster area, Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz responded to the natural disaster to her district by sending out an email alert.

Oh, the email had nothing to do with the flooding. It was a fundraising email sent from Schwartz’s Washington D.C. office dated Wednesday June 28th ironically titled “Help me fight for our rights!”

“This is evidence of a serious disconnect between residents of the district and their congresswoman,” said Raj Peter Bhakta, Congressional Candidate. “Allyson Schwartz sent a fundraising email to hundreds of suffering Pennsylvanians.”

Rail lines were flooded in Hatboro, forcing stoppage of SEPTA trains between Willow Grove and Warminster. The Fort Washington entrance to the turnpike was entirely flooded. Some Upper Moreland residents were evacuated early Wednesday. Many basements throughout the district were flooded and parking lots were filled with floodwater. Floodwaters hit many businesses.

Congressmen Mike Fitzpatrick and Jim Gerlach came back to their districts from Washington the day of the flooding. Raj toured much of the damaged area without fanfare and without seeking media exposure.

“Allyson Schwartz showed once again she doesn’t care about the residents of her district,” said Raj. “When the people of this district needed a leader Allyson Schwartz sent them a fundraising email. This is why we need a change in leadership.”


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