Sunday, July 02, 2006

Standing On A Grassy Knoll, Running For Looks, & Prashant Going Crazy

As Joe, Prashant, Stef and I pulled up to the 309 theater along PA Route 309, we notice a very busy highway with little or no space to sign wave.

Undeterred, Joe and I managed to situate ourselves on a grassy knoll with a giant banner. While standing in a busy intersection may seem questionable, what Prashant was doing to get honks, waves and smiles was just plain crazy.

After inserting himself on an island in an entrance to a shopping center, Prashant began with what I would call the Admiral/Superhero stance. He hooked one arm on his hip and held his sign high with the other… All this while trying to hop on one foot

Prashant then realized that maybe standing in the lane and running back to the island would grab some looks.

You haven’t read anything yet.

I look up the highway to discover that Prashant has crossed three lanes of traffic to position himself on the Jersey barrier. To our disbelief, he was straddling the concrete slab with a “Raj for Congress” sign on his head. If the people driving past that don’t consider voting for us, they must be blind (and in this case, they shouldn’t be driving a car).

Amidst all of Prashant’s antics, a lot of people were honking and waving. People were genuinely giving us the thumbs up. It shows that there is never a dull moment in this campaign.

Ryan D.


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