Monday, July 03, 2006

Warm Welcomes, People At Home, & Making An Impression

Kicking the week off in great fashion, Prashant, Tsvetana, and I gathered our street lists and clip boards and headed into a nearby neighborhood. Tsvetana headed in one direction, while Prashant and I received a warm welcome by the residents of a quaint street.

While we were surprised by the amount of people home on a Monday morning, we took advantage of the opportunity nonetheless. We covered two main streets on our lists in about an hour and a half, walking away with about thirty favorable voters.

We also met a couple people who were unfamiliar with Raj. However, each seemed anxious to visit the website and learn more about him. From my perspective, today was a more effective door to door endeavor than I had previously experienced. I felt confident that we had definitely made an impression on the residents.

Stef S.


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