Friday, August 25, 2006

Art Outperforming Life

From the Philadelphia Daily News:

As a college-educated, middle-class white resident, I'm ashamed of the state of our city. I'm disgusted by the lack of action by Mayor Street on gun- and drug-related deaths.

Take the $10 million for the video surveillance program and hire more officers and start more social and educational programs in the neighborhoods. Don't treat our streets like a population of suspects.

I have grown to admire an HBO series that represents the true life of the inner city. "The Wire" is set in Baltimore, but its themes of political and police bureaucracy in the crime-stricken neighborhoods of Baltimore are directly relevant to the struggles of Philadelphia.

I'm tired of hearing about casinos and condo developments. I want to hear about real crime prevention, social intervention and an ethical mayor who truly represents the heart and soul of this city.

This slogan for the coming season of "The Wire" is "No Corner Left Behind." Let School District CEO Paul Vallas, with his six-figure income, relate to the reality of everyday struggle on the streets, and not just what he wants to show the puppetmaster Mr. Bush.

Mayor Street, you once said "the brothers and sisters" are running the city. If any of those employees had any backbone, they would tell you about the horrible job you are doing to protect the streets and schools.

Ian Shumard, Philadelphia


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