Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Boy Scouts Make A Difference

From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

I am a little confused. Mayor Street bemoans youth violence in Philadelphia while his administration attacks the Boy Scouts, an organization that is actively doing something about it.

I benefited as a youth from scouts. I have shared that benefit with the young people that I have led. Duty to a higher power (scouting is nondenominational), family, country, others and oneself is the primary principle that we seek to instill in the young men and women (Venturing and Exploring Programs are coeducational) who choose to seek a life that is quite a bit better than the culture of crime, drugs and violence.

Unfortunately, those who run this city have made the future use of the local council headquarters contingent upon a single issue: the BSA national policy on homosexuality. I'm not going to engage in that debate because most of us on the front lines, the volunteers, are more concerned with delivering a program that exemplifies all the good things scouting has to offer to as many young people as we can. We have little time or inclination to question a person's sexual orientation.

My brother and I (an Eagle Scout) learned the lessons that scouting and our parents (longtime scouters) taught us as we grew up at Front and Allegheny. It wasn't some city initiative that gave us the incentive to strive for a better life; it was the values, skills and principles of the Boy Scouts of America.

I am proud to be a member of an organization that has accomplished so much good. The Boy Scouts of America and the Cradle of Liberty Council deal with the needs of at-risk youth every day. Every young life that we can touch is an example of a life that isn't negatively impacting the headlines. What could be more worthwhile?

Robert E. Leopold III, Philadelphia


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