Saturday, August 26, 2006

Daily News: “Rodney Shot Your Mom!”

Philadelphia Daily News relates senseless tragedy.

Wearing an orange Nike shirt and shorts, 7-year-old Coy Seals sat yesterday on his grandmother's front steps in the city's Parkside section and quietly sobbed into his trembling, little hands as she gently rocked him after the sudden loss of his mother, Gloria.

His older brother, Joshua, 15, stood nearby, describing the gruesome discovery he made at his home yesterday morning.

"I woke up, and all I heard from my bedroom upstairs was, 'Rodney shot your mom! Rodney shot your mom!' " Joshua said yesterday outside his grandma's house, on 50th Street near Thompson. "I didn't know who was screaming, but then I walked downstairs and saw her lying there."

Cops said Gloria Seals, 33, was returning from work when she got into an argument with Rodney Arrington, of the city's Powelton section, as she entered her home on 49th Street near Aspen.

"My heart is broke right now. Anything I ever did, she was right beside me, helping me, supporting me and taking care of me," said Joshua Seals, of his mother. "I ain't got my pop no more, and now I ain't got my mom neither. It's really tough."


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