Monday, August 21, 2006

Inquirer: Releasing Criminals Not An Option

Philadelphia Inquirer reports Lynne Abraham’s position.

District Attorney Lynne M. Abraham yesterday announced that she would weigh in on a federal lawsuit filed on behalf of inmates alleging crowded conditions in city prisons.

Abraham said that one of the remedies proposed in the suit - releasing inmates to relieve overcrowding - would endanger public safety.

"The last time prisoners were released by a prison cap order, they unleashed a crime wave on the citizens of Philadelphia," Abraham said in a statement. Her office yesterday filed a motion to intervene: to become a third party to the suit in order to protect its interest - public safety.

In the 1980s, the city was sued in federal court by prisoners alleging overcrowded conditions. The city settled by accepting a cap on the prison population, and releasing scores of defendants charged with lesser offenses.

Abraham said that as a result, the number of fugitives nearly tripled, and thousands of them were rearrested for new crimes.


Blogger mtrout007 said...

everyone complains we need more cops...what happens when these cops start making arrests? Hello? there's no room to put them anywhere. We need a bigger prison to hold atleast another 8000 prisoners. stop crying for more cops, the judges are letting the criminals out on bail or giving them reporting probation cuz there's no where to put them.

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