Saturday, August 05, 2006

Leave the Boy Scouts Alone

Northeast News Gleaner categorizes Mayor’s priorities.

Please, Mr. Mayor, you have less than two years left in your administration. The time and energy this issue will take from you, the rest of the government and the lawyers, is probably going to a losing cause. Right now, your time would be better used for other pursuits.

Look at the bigger problems. Focus on the violence that is running rampant this summer. If you want a project, why not ask your friend Gov. Rendell to push through legislation making it more difficult to buy a gun in this state. Think about the poor and elderly, who need help to survive in the heat. Drugs continue to be a scourge in this city. Heck, if you're looking for one other thing to do, how about our town's Olympic bid?

Leave the Boy Scouts alone. Find a way to cut your losses, and drop the subject. Of all the things that can be left to your successor, this one can be left on your desk.


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