Friday, August 11, 2006

“They're Still Plotting and Planning"

Philadelphia Daily News debates yesterday’s ramifications.

Was yesterday's stunning arrest of 24 Muslim extremists in Great Britain in an alleged plot to blow up as many as 10 jumbo jets over the Atlantic Ocean a good sign, that the West is winning the fight against terrorism?

Or is it something else - not only a grim reminder of the ongoing threat to Americans but a warning that a new generation of homegrown terrorists, increasingly radicalized by events in Iraq, Lebanon and elsewhere, is on the march?


Blogger Mohamed said...

Away from who am I,and away from my beliefs..I just want to have some words...

Yes,I believe that bombs against civilians and innocents are terroristic,same I believe that what Israel is doing in Palestine and Lebanon is a real terrorist,and intended killing of civilians.And same I believe that American supporting to Israel is also supporting to terrorism.

On the other hand,we should look at an important point,what those did on these plans is refused with no doubt,but we should ask ourselves;Why they though to did that?!!!!!!
I can imagine what was their thinking..
It is like that:'America is fighting against Islam,so I must defend it..'and till this point I share them this thinking...
'..and I must fight Americans.'
And here is the fault.And this is thinking of extremists who don't understand Islamic teachings.

4:18 PM  

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