Saturday, August 26, 2006

What Does Your Shirt Say?

Philadelphia Daily News depicts negative apparel.

The white T-shirt has an oozing, blood-red "38's" on it, with a checkered "38 Specials" written across the chest.

But what incensed Nuriddin the most was the design near the bottom of the shirt, which seemed to represent everything that his career - not to mention his role as a father - was meant to prevent:

Two young black men, with eyes blotted out, aiming handguns at each other's heads.

Following the senseless success of the "Stop Snitchin' " T-shirts, many stores are now selling T-shirts with slogans just as damning - or worse:

Shirts depicting angry, drug-dealing snowmen with the slogan "Trapper of The Year" - slang for Dealer of the Year - available at the South Philly Kicks USA.

"MasterThug" shirts, sold at SneakerVilla on N. 52nd Street near Ranstead in West Philly, which feature a copy of the MasterCard design - but instead of credit card numbers, the gauges of guns such as the AK-47 are shown.

One shirt, found at Cap USA on S. 11th Street near Walnut, is a twisted knock-off of an Utz potato-chip bag. It features masked men with guns atop a pile of money. And instead of Utz's smiling cartoon girl at the top, there's a cartoon of a masked thug holding a gun and money. "Gutz - No guts, no glory," reads the shirt. "Gangstas don't die. We multiply!"


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OT- What do you think of this?

A key U.S. legislator said in Israel on Sunday he would block aid President George W. Bush promised Lebanon and free the funds only when Beirut agreed to the deployment of international troops on the border with Syria. The international community must use all our available means to stiffen Lebanon's spine and to convince the government of Lebanon to have the new UNIFIL troops on the Syrian border in adequate numbers," said Tom Lantos, the ranking Democrat on the U.S. House of Representatives' International Relations Committee.

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