Thursday, September 21, 2006

National Review Pulling For Raj

From National Review Online:

Thanks to everyone who turned out for last night's reading/signing/Q and A in Bryn Mawr. Turnout impressed me, and Barnes and Noble seemed quite happy with it.

Attendees included Bob Rovner, a state senator whose radio program I will be appearing on Friday, and a representative of the local GOP challenger for Congress, Raj Peter Bhakta. If that name seems familiar to you, it's because he was one of the competitors on Donald Trump's "The Apprentice" a few years back. He lasted quite a while, and when he was "fired", he asked out Trump's secretary on the way out. (Serious style and guts points for that move!) Anyway, I'm pulling for this guy, if for no other reason than if he wins, every newspaper in the country will use the headline: VOTERS TELL TRUMP APPRENTICE "YOU'RE HIRED!"


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