Saturday, September 23, 2006

Raj Proposes Needed Moratorium

Congressional Candidate Raj Peter Bhakta announced today that, if elected he would propose a bill pushing for a two-year moratorium on immigration and student visas from several nations regarded as sponsoring terrorism.

“All 19 of the terrorist hijackers of 9-11 entered the country legally,” said Raj. “But we’ve hardly changed our policies. That’s unacceptable.”

Raj said terrorists take advantage of our openness but we must now restore sanity to our immigration policy by ensuring Americans will be safe at home.

“While it is absolutely essential that we not scapegoat Muslim immigrants, we cannot overlook the most obvious fact: the current terrorist threat to the United States comes almost exclusively from individuals from countries that sponsor Islamic radical terrorism,” said Raj. “Airport security continues to shake down gray-haired ladies at airports while our borders remain open and we are granting visas to people from terrorist states. Congress and the president have been derelict in their duty.”

Less than three weeks after 9-11, Senator Diane Feinstein called on Congress to support a six-month moratorium on issuing student visas. Feinstein retracted her proposal after protests from special interest groups. Raj will not back down.

“We are involved in a new kind of war,” Raj said. “America's borders are now a major theater of operations -so keeping the terrorists out is an indispensable element of victory. “If the terrorists can't enter the country, they can’t commit an attack on American soil.”

Under Raj’s plan the Secretary of State could waive the ban if the person passes an extensive background check and the Secretary certifies that that particular person would not pose a threat to national security.


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