Saturday, September 23, 2006

Raj’s Response to Mayor Street’s Press Conference

Mayor John Street announced in a press conference last week that crime is actually down in Philadelphia. It’s just those pesky murders and shootings that are rising. So he doesn’t understand why everyone’s complaining.

Street championed his strategy for dealing with the skyrocketing violence. Street said, “If we want to get our arms around this problem we've got to start to understand these kids and understand their families.” Hello?!

Understand this – the people doing the shooting don’t need to be understood. They need to be locked up in prisons that …gasp…don’t necessarily have cable and conjugal visits.

Street and his staff insist that there is no correlation between the number of police on the street and the number of homicides and shootings in the city.

Ok. Then why not fire all the police officers since they have no effect on crime. And the fire department as well while we’re at it. The fires will go out by themselves….eventually.

Mayor Street simply wants more gun laws. Well Mr. Mayor, what good are more laws if there aren’t enough police to enforce them?

Philadelphia, this year, has a surplus of $200 million. I am urging Mayor Street to put that money towards the hiring of more police officers. I have requested a meeting with Street to ask for just that.

I do agree with the Mayor that root causes must be dealt with as far as youth education and school programs. But that must be done in conjunction with stricter sentences and more police.

Violent crime is up nationwide by 1.3 percent last year. In Philadelphia, crimes of violence were up 3.4 percent. Murder was up 13 percent.

The fact that New York City is safer than Philadelphia should be a lesson to John Street. There, Mayor Rudy Giuliani hired police officers who enforced the law and brought crime down. Understanding criminals is nice but getting them off the street is better. I don’t think John Street understands that.

Unless we get new leadership in the Northeast, our neighborhoods will continue to grow more drug laden, crime ridden, and violent. The Northeast needs new and fearless leadership committed to stopping crime. I’m Raj Peter Bhakta and I want to Save the Northeast.

Raj Peter Bhakta


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raj, I wholeheartedly agree with the tenor and substance of your post. You're the type of leader the City of Philadelphia needs. The thing is, you're running for congress! Perhaps your considerable attention and interest in helping movie the City of Philadelphia forward would be better served at the local level, instead of out in Washington DC? Just a thought. Best of luck this November!

8:57 PM  
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