Thursday, September 28, 2006


From the Philadelphia Daily News:

Two hundred eighty-seven murders to date, the latest a 5-year-old girl simply sitting in the back seat of her mother's car on a Sunday drive.

But what are the mayor and City Council worried about, where is their focus? It is on those horrible, highly taxed cigarette smokers and the Boy Scouts.

Smoking is a terrible, life-threatening habit, one I've been trying to give up for years, but to rush through a bill like this when our children are being shot to death is ridiculous.

To work hard on throwing the Boy Scouts out of a building they have occupied for more than 80 years, an organization that does a whole lot more good for the youth of this city than any other organization, is, at best, ludicrous, especially when the city is averaging better than one murder a day.

Mr. Mayor, City Council members, please stop worrying about things that are not so important and change your focus to the important matters.

Stop our children from being murdered senselessly on the city streets. Stop the drug dealers all over the city from peddling their garbage to children in this city and stop worrying about little things.

Enforce the laws that we have and stop making new ones that make no sense, because the laws we have are not enforced.

Bob Deck, Philadelphia


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