Saturday, September 09, 2006

Rizzo Was Law & Order

From the Philadelphia Daily News:

The state of the city

Our city is a war zone. Our children can't even go out and play in front of their own houses. Young and old can't take a walk without being robbed.

It's a shame that Mayor Rizzo is gone. As a retired cop, I know his name alone would keep the streets safe. He would call his driver at 2 a.m. and say, "Let's take a ride in the badlands." Not like a mayor, but like a good cop. Love him or hate him, he was for law and order. I am proud to have been on the force when he ran our city. Now that he's gone, all we see are bodies being taken off our streets.

Joe Ricci, Philadelphia


Blogger TrekMedic251 said...

Y'know,..years ago, my friends and I used to go into Center City to watch movies, hang out in bars and otherwise have a good time on the weekends.

Driving back home the West Philly was never a scary idea - you always saw a PPD patrol unit ever two or three blocks.

Today, forget it. We go to Plymouth Meeting and stick to City Avenue as much as possible (because Lower Merion has patrol units every two or three blocks!)

2:11 PM  

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