Thursday, September 21, 2006

Speak Out Philly

From the Philadelphia Daily News:

On Aug. 18, my son, Tamir A. Johnson, was murdered, shot in the back on the corner of Wayne Avenue and Denny Street in broad daylight.

The police and everyone out there knows who shot him. No one has come forward, and this young man has not been arrested or even questioned. I don't understand why this is. This young man is riding around in his car daily. He is out there to possibly hurt someone else, possibly your son.

Everyone has rallied around and built a shrine to my son. This is very nice, but it would be even better if the community would call the detectives and give statements of what they know. It would honor my son more if they would get this cold-blooded murderer off the streets.

I am writing in hopes that someone would come forward and make a statement to enable the police to arrest this man. No murderer should be allowed to drive around daily as if he is untouchable, with no remorse. I hope you print this letter, and I pray that it touches someone to come forward. The fear is that he may kill someone else, and it may be one of their family members, when it could have been avoided by speaking out.

We have to let these people know that it won't and can't happen in our neighborhoods. So, speak out, Philly! We must make a difference and let the murderers know they must pay for their crimes.

Roxanne Shy, Philadelphia


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