Tuesday, September 12, 2006

We Are Rocky

Michael Smerconish rips Philadelphia Art Commission

Either they forget where they are or they're part of the crowd that has a chip on its shoulder thinking we're forever living in the shadow of New York. I've never understood those don't celebrate who we are.

We're unique. This is Philadelphia, a city whose greatest cultural event is a bacchanal called Wing Bowl. We celebrate the New Year with a Mummers Parade. We eat cheesesteaks and scrapple. We idolize the Broad Street Bullies. We have warts. We aren't Beautiful People. We don't have celebrities. We re-elect mayors whose administrations are under investigation. We like simple things. We are proud of the neighborhoods where we were raised and celebrate the shore towns where we vacation.

The rest of us are happy with our station in life among cities. We've taken many national licks, but more important is our proven ability to get off the canvas. This is a town that survived Legionnaires' disease during the Bicentennial. Two MOVE fiascoes. Snowballing Jimmy Johnson. Mitch Williams coughing it up.

The railing collapse at the Army-Navy game. And the scaffolding mishap at the opening of the National Constitution Center. But always answering the bell at the next round. Like Rocky.


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