Saturday, September 02, 2006

You Know Your Neighborhood

We held our third Crime Forum last night at Cannstatter’s. This forum was our biggest success yet.

About 140 citizens attended and voiced their concerns. Our Save The Northeast petitions proved to be a big hit with the crowd as we added several more completed pages to our compilation.

Ellie and I staffed the welcome table.

The attendees were informed and genuinely interested in changing their neighborhoods. We spoke with several people who are sick of the Mayor and city government neglecting the Northeast. Members of the town watch, clergy, civic association, activists also addressed the crowd C.B. Kimmins and Greg Bucceroni on what they can do to prevent crime.

It seems that neighborhood watches and general citizen efforts would be quite effective if more people would participate. After all, who knows a neighborhood better than its residents? You know the streets, the people, and the hang-outs. This is why Raj wants to allocate more crime-fighting money to neighborhood watch efforts. This funding coupled with a concerned citizenry could make Northeast Philly revolutionary in crime prevention.

Our next Crime Forum will be held on September 20th in Fox Chase. I can’t wait to get more input from citizens. It’s what a Congressperson should be doing: actually listening to their constituents and taking action on their behalf.

Sarah K.


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