Friday, September 01, 2006

You Must Start The Change

From the Philadelphia Daily News:

Our neighborhoods have to be taken back by us, the residents. I'm not foolish enough to say put yourself or family in harm's way, but there is something we can do.

If we don't let the little things go (crowds on corners daily, gambling on the street, etc.) those who are out to destroy our neighborhood will not be empowered to move on to bigger things (selling drugs on our corners, gambling arguments turning into shootouts, the loud radios, double-parked cars).

Start small, and we will all be able to see the positive differences.

I strongly believe that our black family is hurting due to the lack of male influence. The young men don't have anyone teach them how to be a man and the young ladies do not have anyone to show them how a real man treats a lady.

Child support is very important, but why aren't non-custodial parents ordered to spend time with their children as well? Both parents should take an active role in raising a child!

I was born and raised in North Philly and at the age of 39 have owned a home there for 12 years, with 18 years working for the government.

Lisa Odam, Philadelphia


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