Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Daily News: Another “Never Again”

Philadelphia Daily News discusses youth football incident.

Here's what kids feel when parents misbehave at a game: embarrassment, disappointment, anger and fear, according to a 2001 survey of 3,000 children by Sports Illustrated for Kids. If Derkotch's finger had slipped on the trigger, we'd have to add "horror" to the list, too.

That's what the children at a Massachusetts ice rink felt in 2000, when single father Michael Costin got into a brutal fight with another parent who didn't like how Costin was supervising youth-hockey drills at the neighborhood ice rink. Costin died of brain injuries, the parent went to prison and the entire country vowed, "Never again!"

But, "a month later, a nearly identical incident happened somewhere else," says Fred Engh, president of the Florida-based National Alliance for Youth Sports, author of Why Johnny Hates Sports: Why Organized Youth Sports Are Failing Our Children and What We Can Do About It. "Nothing has changed."


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