Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Daily News: “Apparently You Get Credit For Bad Aim”

Philadelphia Daily News examines recidivism.

Khalil Slight was just 12 when he logged his first criminal arrest, for an assault.

His first gun arrest came eight months later, and by his 18th birthday he'd racked up 13 arrests.

Now 23, he's in prison awaiting trial for allegedly shooting a passing bicyclist while trading gunfire with another hood on a South Philadelphia street last spring.

Slight has 25 arrests on his record - including three attempted-murder charges and 11 arrests involving gun crimes.

And how many convictions does Slight have?


That's all. Two.

"He has a history of possessing guns and shooting at people, but apparently you get credit for bad aim," said Philadelphia Police Detective Bob Conn, who has arrested Slight several times.


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