Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Daily News: Bull-Street

Philadelphia Daily News questions Mayor’s legacy.

I read a little something about how Mayor Street's office is seeking a consultant to "assist with public and media relations for the city of Philadelphia and documenting key city initiatives over the last seven years."

The People Paper's Clout translated that as a "legacy polisher."

The Street Legacy?

I'm breathless as a schoolgirl. Street is going to pour my heavily taxed dollars onto a Professional Bulls--- Artist (PBA), someone who'll be paid a king's ransom to varnish Street's monster truck of an ego. The Only Question: Which Politically Connected Insider gets the contract to do it? (Calling Frank Keel! Calling Frank Keel!)

Sadly, the "legacy document" is not likely to have the impact of an Oprah book club selection. Future Philadelphians will turn to the data banks of periodicals, such as this one, to read Street's legacy as prepared by someone not paid to lick his boots. (I figure not even Sharif Street will read it - unless he's listed as a "mayoral initiative.")


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