Friday, October 27, 2006

Daily News: "One of Those Cases That Pulls at Your Heart"

Philadelphia Daily News describes common occurrence.

David Anthony Sanders walked out of a West Philly watering hole Sunday, took a few steps into the brisk autumn night and was promptly blasted by a barrage of bullets.

An unknown triggerman opened fire on Sanders, a single father with five young kids. When the smoke cleared, cops said, Sanders' body had been riddled with 14 entrance and exit wounds.

An hour after he crumpled to the cold, hard street, Sanders, 31, died at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

Sanders' children, who enjoyed the luxury of having a dad who cared for them around the clock, are now faced with growing up fatherless. His mother has the grim task today of burying her second-youngest child. And homicide detectives are once again trying to solve a senseless slaying without the aid of witnesses who are willing to come forward.


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