Thursday, October 26, 2006

"I Seek to Recommit That”

Glenside News contrasts Raj, Schwartz.

Raj Peter Bhakta, 30, describes himself as a "Theodore Roosevelt Republican" who cares about the environment.

In an interview last week, Bhakta said he intends to "shake things up" in Washington. His own party has lost its direction, he said, and he intends to restore it.

"The Republican Party has lost its commitment to small government and clean government," he said. "I seek to recommit that. The Democrats are no better. It's just been the party of 'no.' That's not good enough."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um. Shake things up in Washington? Lord have mercy, you are just so full of yourself. Have you even seen the polls lately? Hah!
You are absolutely the BEST JOKE EVER!

10:03 PM  

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