Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Net World Blog Concurs with Raj

Net World Blog analyzes Raj on the border.

He started in Texas, and was going South across the border, he didn't cross the border, they just splashed around. Granted, he could have easily done so, he demonstrated it took an hour or so before anyone showed up to deal with an Elephant and a band at the border, but the story is being sold that this guy crossed and immigration didn't catch him.

More to the point, though, was what Mr Bhakta was trying to illustrate, as it says on his site:

Both the Democrat and Republican parties are ignoring America’s border security crisis. Republicans don’t want to anger big business and stop the flow of cheap labor, while Democrats don’t want to turn away potential voters. Astoundingly, five years after 9/11, we do not have an immigration policy to meet our security needs.

And that's a serious problem. In the past, other stunts have been done to show the problems with border security, including where a fake "WMD" was smuggled across the border twice, although being clearly marked with biohazard and radioactive symbols. Something seriously needs to be done, and the first party to step up to the plate on this will hit a grand slam.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are absolutely ridiculous. I hope to God you lose the election.

3:49 PM  
Blogger ukcoder said...

We are conducting a survey on amnesty for illegal immigrants in the UK and the USA for the next 6 months at . We want to hear opinions from normal people - not political parties or think tanks.

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