Thursday, October 19, 2006

Raj Deserves Support

From the Alarming News Blog:

Raj Batka, who was on the show Apprentice and is running for Congress in Pennsylvania, crossed the American border with Mexico on an elephant, with a Mariachi band, and no one stopped him. Watch the video, wow.

Raj is having a fundraiser in NY on Saturday, October 21st. View the evite here and donate money to this guy. He deserves it after an eye-opening stunt like that.


Anonymous Dan in PA said...


Raj - just heard you were running. We always joked about that, about how stupid the Sheeple in this country are - that they would gladly vote for any ultra-right wing nutjob - but NEVER did I think you would actually do it. You're crazier than I thought!

Dan the man

3:51 PM  

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