Saturday, October 14, 2006

Raj on MSNBC

On Thursday, Raj discussed border security with MSNBC’s Rita Cosby. Below is a transcript:

Rita: You’re great. First of all, where did you get the elephant and the mariachi band?

Raj: You know it’s remarkably easy to come across in America, a mariachi band and an elephant. Easier than I thought, sure as heck easier to splash around in the Rio Grande than I ever imagined.

Rita: How did you come up with this idea to prove your point?

Raj: Rita, I was standing at the US-Mexico border watched a guy literally under the US bridge walk across. We chased him down and at the end of the day I realized you can probably get an elephant across this. You can probably get an elephant and have a mariachi band play and no one will come and that’s exactly what happened. Complete shock.

Rita: How was it riding the elephant? I actually rode one in Zimbabwe a couple of years ago. How did you like that experience?

Raj: I think a Cadillac has a little bit of a better ride though.

Rita: I agree. You know and speaking of plans and metal, the US is planning on building a 700-mile fence that’s President Bush’s plan. A lot of people are contesting it. What do you think of the whole border issue? Is that going to be effective or does something else need to be done?

Raj: I think the situation is such that border security is really a joke. I think we demonstrated that with elephants and mariachi bands. That’s the fact of the matter, what we need to do is to secure the border. Because, you’re talking for example Rita about North Korea, we’re talking about Iran. We’ve spent nearly a trillion dollars in the name of fighting terrorism over the past five years, numerous foreign excursions, blood and treasure spent copiously, yet at the same time, if I can do that on the US border with Mexico, I think its quite reasonable that a terrorist can get across with a weapon of mass destruction, potentially a thermonuclear device, so while we are using a joke, while we’re using satire, there is a deadly serious point here that I think we’re losing focus of the issue, so we need a fence and we also need to go in a more high tech area to secure the border. It’s not anti-immigration Rita. It’s very important. I think we need immigration…

Rita: Let me show you, in fact you’ve got some great clips here, you’re stuff is really amazing. In one part you follow a Mexican man, who illegally crosses right next to a group of border patrol guards. I want to show this, cause this is pretty strong stuff and I’ll get you to react, hold on…


Rita: You know the border agents actually finally caught up with that guy, but you know it looked like relatively busy, I’ve been down to the border a lot of times. What does this incident say to you about border security? What was your reaction when you saw that guy?

Raj: My reaction was let’s get a mariachi band and cross an elephant, because if he can do it, we can do it with an elephant a mile away.

Rita: What was the reaction from other people Raj? I mean as we’re looking at this video, you’re loud, you’re right there on the border, what were the reactions of any passersby?

Raj: Well, you know there really weren’t to many passersby there. It’s not the most highly populated area at the end of the day, but it was shock on my own part.

Rita: What did the border agents say to you afterwards when you said look I was there, here’s the video what was their reaction? Were they embarrassed?

Raj: I don’t think they’re particularly proud at the moment at the state of affairs. I don’t think its necessarily the fault of our border security forces it’s a misguided policy at the national government level and it’s political corruption on both sides that don’t want to deal with the border.

Rita: Raj, we just go two second left, what do you think your chances are of winning, you’re running for a Pennsylvania congressional seat…

Raj: Well put it this way my chances of winning the seat are far greater than ever having made it on the Apprentice, so I think we’re going to do very well.

Rita: Well, we wish you a lot of luck, very creative way to send a message. Always good to see you Raj, thank you.

Raj: Delighted.


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