Sunday, October 15, 2006

Raj on The O’Reilly Factor

On Friday, Raj discussed border security with FOX’s Bill O’Reilly. Below is a transcript:

O’Reilly: Pretty clever stunt.

Bhakta: Thank you.

O’Reilly: So you went down to Brownsville, Texas and where you were, how many miles outside?

Bhakta: We were about five miles, ten miles outside of Brownsville.

O’Reilly: Now that’s just rural area right?

Bhakta: Fairly rural.

O’Reilly: Nothing going on. No border patrol posts or anything like that there?

Bhakta: There’s one about five miles away on the highway. But, what actually prompted me to do this was the day before on Monday, while at the actual US-Mexico border post, the official crossing, a guy came right across totally unmolested by border security. I figured if this guy can do it right under the nose of you know, our entire border security apparatus, I can pretty much do anything.

O’Reilly: Now how wide is the river there? I mean we’re seeing it on video here.

Bhakta: Thirty, forty feet.

O’Reilly: Its small, you can wade across. You don’t even have to swim?

Bhakta: Oh yeah. He’s doing it.

O’Reilly: So you took the three elephants and the band and you went down there and you wanted to get the attention of the border patrol?

Bhakta: Yeah.

O’Reilly: So you got on top the elephant and the elephant waded in the water for an hour and a half while the band was playing?

Bhakta: The band played on, the elephant splashed away, and nobody showed up.

O’Reilly: Nobody showed up?

Bhakta: That’s truly amazing to me and although we’re using satire here and we’re showing what a circus border security is there’s a very serious point here. You understand it well.

O’Reilly: Of course. Everybody understands the point that you have out of control illegal immigration because you don’t have any supervision on the border and that’s obvious here. Now, Brownsville, Texas is a pretty big town and they have a lot of problems down there potentially with narcotics trafficking. So, this is my worry, yeah you can get some people crossing over who want to you know get a job or drive a cab or whatever but you can also take tons and tons of narcotics right through there and if you’ve got a band and an elephant and nobody checks it out, you know what are they doing about the narcotics and the answer is nothing. Correct?

Bhakta: You’ve got it. That’s my concern. Five years after September eleventh, two invasions, an occupation later, a Homeland Security Department, a Patriot act later, untold treasure in lives and money, we have not yet dealt with job one, which is a real problem on both sides, political corruption on both sides of the aisle.

O’Reilly: Did you see any Mexican authorities? You didn’t cross over to Mexico. You stayed on the US side. Did you see any Mexican authorities? Were they looking at you?

Bhakta: No Mexican authorities. But, the guy did have a guide on the other side, under the US border crossing, you know telling him where to go.

O’Reilly: Oh yeah, but those guys do that all the time.

Bhakta: But, Bill right under the border, right under the official US international-Mexico bridge.

O’Reilly: Well nobody looked over the border. Nobody looked over the bridge to see if some guy is wading across. You know why, because they see that everyday. They see thousands and thousands of people doing that and they’re going, I’m not doing anything about it because that’s the system we have. Now did you bring this to the attention of the border patrol after you did it? Did you show them the videotape?

Bhakta: Well actually this guy, a little bit later on, got apprehended because we were you know literally hooting and hollering, chasing after him with a camera guy behind me you know making as big a scene as I possibly could saying hey look let’s do something about this. And its not about the poor Mexican guy wanting to come for a better life, we’re all immigrants in this country. You know the fact of the matter if he can get across and I can parade with an elephant and splash about and create a circus scene, you know, people, drugs, terrorism…

O’Reilly: My question is did you say look I just spent an hour and a half on top of an elephant in the middle of the Rio Grande river and nobody showed up and I had a band.

Bhakta: I think they know it now.

O’Reilly: They know it now. But, you didn’t confront them with it?

Bhakta: No I didn’t.

O’Reilly: Because I would have like to have seen you have gone to the border patrol headquarters and got the commander and said hey did you not hear the band? Did you not see the elephant? Isn’t there anybody looking?

Bhakta: We tried actually to interview one of the border guys, but they didn’t want to be on camera.

O’Reilly: I mean they’re probably big fans of yours. You were on the Apprentice; you’ve got the little bow tie going on. They wouldn’t talk to you?

Bhakta: No.

O’Reilly: They were embarrassed. Alright, so national guard is supposed to be at the border, border fence, and now we have what hundreds of thousands of elephants would you say are coming to the United States unattended? If they wanted to they could!

Bhakta: It would’ve cost me a lot less to get the elephant if we had a couple hundred thousand coming.

O’Reilly: Alright, Raj. Good luck in your Congressional race in Pennsylvania.

Bhakta: Thank you.

O’Reilly: We appreciate you coming in.

Bhakta: Delight to be here.


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