Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Raj Rips Mayor Street

From the Northeast Times:

Raj Bhakta, the Republican candidate in the 13th Congressional District, is criticizing Mayor John Street’s approach to crime.

Street has stressed the overall lower crime rate, though murders and shootings are on the rise. To address crime, he said officials need to "understand" children and their families.

"Understand this," Bhakta said. "The people doing the shootings don’t need to be understood. They need to be locked up in prisons."

Bhakta favors hiring more police officers and wants judges to be tougher in sentencing.

The candidate blasted Street for disputing a correlation between the number of police officers and the homicide and shooting rates.

"Then why not fire all the police officers since they have no effect on crime," he suggested in jest. "And the fire department as well, while we’re at it. The fires will go out by themselves . . . eventually."


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