Thursday, October 19, 2006

A Time For Action

From the Philadelphia Daily News:

On Sept. 17, people around the world gathered in a show of support for international intervention to end the genocide in Darfur. More than 200,000 people have been murdered by Sudanese government supported militias as the world watches.

On Sept. 26, people from around the region gathered in a show of support for legislation to end the proliferation of guns on the streets of Philadelphia. More than 300 people have been murdered in Philadelphia this year as the city watches.

After the Rwandan genocide, the world said never again. After young Faheem Thomas-Childs was killed, Philadelphians said enough is enough.

I commend Mothers in Charge and Men United for their persistent efforts to end gun violence in the city. The show of force during the rally in Harrisburg hopefully will be the inducement needed to spur the elected officials into action.

But what about the rest of us?

Where is the righteous indignation, the fervor, the moral outrage that our safety and very lives have been reduced to collateral damage by our fellow citizens who are fighting a losing battle to stand on corners that they don't own and sell harmful substances to our neighbors? Gun legislation can only take us so far.

We have lost our moral compass. There are those among us who have no hope or vision for the future. Children roam the streets at all hours, parents are physically or emotionally absent.

We lack the values that are fundamental to being both personally and socially responsible. As children are shot in the streets, people sell and wear shirts that proclaim "Don't Snitch." People are no longer ashamed of having criminal records.

Legislation will not solve the fundamental problem in both Philadelphia and Darfur, the loss of each individual's spiritual compass. Now that we have given our elected officials the charge, what are WE going to do in our own way to stop the violence? In Sudan and in Philadelphia, the time for diplomatic talks has come to an end.

The time for action is NOW.

Sonya Springer, Philadelphia


Blogger Jay McGinley said...

I've heard no one say it better than Ms. Springer. Few are DOING it better than the folks below.

Your mentioning Darfur in your blogging is imperative. And as doubtless you have noticed, blogging volume regarding Darfur has plummeted. Thank you for your efforts.

We are hopelessly stalled in Saving Darfur. But it is only hopeless if we-the-citizens continue to be bystanders risking little or no cost to ourselves.

Please help promote what must fast become our role models; nothing less will stop the Genocide:
DARFUR HEROES: Santa Clara Univ Vigil & Fast

More Darfur Heroes at DARFUR Dying for Heroes

Thank you, Rosemary, Dave, Mary Rachel, Jay coming up on week three of
Rescue Darfur Fast-Till-Genocide-Stops

7:33 PM  
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