Tuesday, October 31, 2006

“The Whole Neighborhood is Going Down"

Philadelphia Inquirer discusses another Northeast murder

A clerk in a small East Frankford grocery store who was known to give free milk to mothers or let customers slide when they came up short was gunned down during a robbery yesterday morning when he refused to give up cash from the register, police said.

The victim, Julio Brito, 51, of the 2000 block of Orthodox Street, was taken to Frankford Hospital-Torresdale Campus, where he was pronounced dead shortly after the shooting, officials said.

Mohammed Alkurdi, owner of Abby Auto Sale, next to the grocery store, said he heard screaming when he ran to the store and found his friend on the floor.

"I witnessed the last five seconds of his life," Alkurdi said. "We tried to save him but could do nothing."


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