Monday, June 26, 2006

Raindrops, Realizations, & Requests for the Candidate

Phone calls are an integral part of politics. Who am I kidding, phone calls are a part of politics like water is a part of swimming. No one likes the hang-ups. No one is crazy about the occasional negative reactions. However, when the stars align and the people start talking, the feeling is incredible.

Our goal for the “Power Hour” was fifty favorable responses. Doesn’t seem like much? Obviously you have never been on the business end when the opposition party answers.

We blew it out. Seventy-five favorable responses were recorded, with time to spare.

The evening session began at five with one thing evidently clear… I need to stick to blogging… As the rain poured, Alice (who you will read a post from eventually) racked up forty-six favorable responses…by herself. I am struggling to crack double digits and she nails almost fifty?

The highlight of the evening was Eric (another staffer) being told that he would receive a vote in exchange for getting the candidate on the line. True to this campaign, and it’s shatter the mold image, Raj picked up the phone and engaged the voter in a conversation. Long story short, vote counted!

Raymond S.

YOU'RE FIRST: The Real Ugly American to Interview Raj

On Tuesday, the Real Ugly American will interview Raj. Previously, they have conducted interviews with Fox News contributors Fred Barnes and Juan Williams, as well as leading conservative blogger Hugh Hewitt.

Since their inception, the Real Ugly American has supported Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (2003) and President George W. Bush (2004). Their current post discusses

Save The Endorses Raj

Yesterday, Save the officially endorsed Raj Peter Bhakta. Their endorsement states “Raj will be our political defense against anti-Americans & anti-capitalists.”

On you can learn more about this entrepreneur's campaign and his efforts in changing the way Washington runs. Raj highly disagrees with career politicians where these individuals stay in office for decades at a time in order to gain more power and lobby their own political agendas. Raj has committed to not follow the path of many congressmen by SELF IMPOSING a three year limit.

When it comes to our soldiers, national security and the protection of our homeland Raj is dedicated to making sure it is the best the USA has to offer. As a big veteran supporter Raj is dedicated to giving our current and past troops the respect and benefits they deserve from their service to our country. We live in a time of war and when it comes to the pursuit of security and protection Raj will be our political defense against anti-Americans & anti-capitalists.

"The American Taxpayer is the Real Victim Here"

From the Northeast Times:

Raj Bhakta, the Republican candidate in the 13th Congressional District, is calling for jail time for government officials responsible for approving payments to people who falsely claimed they were victims of Hurricane Katrina.

According to the Government Accountability Office, these scammers were awarded $1.4 billion in money from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Some of the money was spent on divorce lawyers, a Caribbean vacation, NFL tickets, a two-month stay at a hotel in Hawaii and Girls Gone Wild videotapes. A Texas man even had a sex-change operation.

"The American taxpayer is the real victim here," Bhakta said. "To have them paying for sex-change operations, football tickets and champagne bills at Hooters is a disgrace."

Bhakta, who is challenging Democratic Rep. Allyson Schwartz, argues that government agencies, like corporations, should be held accountable for gross mismanagement.

Church & State Blog Endorses Raj

On June 20, the conservative Church and State Blog officially endorsed Raj Peter Bhakta. Founder Nathan Bradfield says “Pennsylvania is fortunate to have such a fine candidate to represent the Commonwealth.”

Raj is young, ambitious and conservative. I even like his envirnonmental stance. His success in business and background in politics will be key factors in his freshman year as a lawmaker. Pennsylvania is fortunate to have such a fine candidate to represent the Commonwealth.

"He Has to Do It For So Many Reasons”

Irish Voice highlights Raj’s heritage.

MARY Theresa Mulaney had to put up with a lot of prejudice on both sides when she married into a conservative Indian family.

Her own Co. Longford-born mother finally made peace with Mary’s husband on the last day of her life, while his family put Mary under pressure to live as a conservative Indian wife.

But this month, after a “very amicable” divorce, she and her ex-husband are happily watching their son, Raj, run for Congress in a heavily Irish district in Philadelphia.

You may recognize the candidate, Raj Peter Bhakta — he was a runner-up on the second season of Donald Trump’s hit show, The Apprentice.

He is known for wearing a bow-tie and his pro-business, conservative politics.

However, even his mother concedes that he is facing a very difficult challenge in a strongly Democratic district.

“When you see all the money that has been poured in on the other side, you know it’s going to be real difficult, but that’s Raj. He’s a real fighter and I know he’ll do it; he has to do it for so many reasons,” she said.

Bhakta is up against incumbent Allyson Schwartz, 57, who was first elected in 2004 with 56% of the vote and has $1.3 million to spend on the campaign, compared to $79,000 for Bhakta.

However, Bhakta is putting his Apprentice experience to good use — he has taken on more than a dozen interns, telling them that he will hire the best three if elected to Congress.

Mary, whose father is from Mayo, spent most of her youth near Ballinamuck in Co. Longford.

Her family are married into a family that claim direct descent from one of the French soldiers who fought with the Irish in the battle of Ballinamuck in 1798. It was one of the worse slaughters in Irish history — 3,000 people were killed by the authorities afterwards as punishment.

“It was really terrible,” says Mary. “Even today I have a hard time even traveling to England when I think about all that suffering. And for what?”

Mary, from a conservative Irish Catholic family, met her husband at a friend’s engagement party.

“He spoke very little English and couldn’t dance. I found his personality so refreshingly innocent and he had manners. We battled customs and language barriers and it was an uphill climb on both sides of the family,” she said.

Her father accepted his new son-in-law but her mother did not.

“On her last day on earth, he babysat for us and she spoke to my husband for about three hours. There was no resentment, it was all very natural. It was her way of making her peace before she went,” Mary said.

She has since been through a divorce, the cultural differences proving too difficult.

“I just cannot be a quiet, subservient Indian wife. We worked on this difference for many years but eventually I thought it was better if he found an Indian wife from a conservative family. He did and I’m happy for them both,” she said.

Bhakta has three younger sisters, the oldest of whom is 29 and getting married in August.

“I’m also going back to a wedding in Ireland later this year. Politics and weddings. It’s a very exciting year no matter what happens,” Mary said.