Friday, June 30, 2006

Grassroots PA Links Interview

Grassroots PA becomes fifth outlet to link Raj’s interview.

TPM Link, The Differences In Media, & Talking to the People

Amidst their Midterm Roundup, TPM Café links Raj’s Interview. TPM is the fourth outlet to publicize the interview.

The reaction to Raj’s ideals and passion has been phenomenal. In every conversation I have had, people express a genuine interest in his candidacy. Whereas traditional media and casual observers may not take Raj seriously, bloggers hear him and read him as a person who cares about issues and the people of this district.

This further illustrates the power of our new media. We don’t have to wait around for the media to respond. We don’t have to beg them for an interview. This campaign and the blogs, can communicate directly with the people. The grand byproduct being that bloggers do not present the public a portion of what we say, they present what we say.

Bloggers actually seek interviews. They do not feel the need to puff their ego. They want to hear the candidates. They don’t want, as the traditional media often tries, to interpret the candidates. It may be the largest difference between the two mediums. The traditional media attempts to tell what the story is. The blogsophere simply tells us the story.

This campaign will continue communicating. For this campaign has demonstrated, what I have always personally felt, that the blogs are “the place where the future happens.”

Raymond S.

Extending Our Empathy

For seven consecutive days, rain and flooding have pounded parts of Montgomery County. Raj and everyone here extend our empathy to each victim of these devastating circumstances.

National Review Excerpts Interview

National Review Online excerpts Raj’s interview with the Real Ugly American.

On the difference between he and his opponent, Allyson Schwartz:

The basic fundamental difference is a philosophical outlook. I believe that government can provide the tools for people to help themselves. She believes that government needs to help people on an ongoing continuous basis, and that there is nothing wrong with becoming dependent on government assistance. I have a philosophy in politics that I want to give people the tools to set themselves free. And I believe that we can do that through a really top rate education system. I believe that we've got to have a merit based compensation for teachers. Teachers who do a great job should be very well compensated. They should make several times more in my opinion than what they presently make. Likewise teachers who show up to collect a check and there are a few of them shouldn't be rewarded for that.

I think it's safe to say he's not looking for the NEA endorsement in this race.

Commenting on the significant difference ($1.3 Million to $78K ) in cash on hand,:

She has, without her money, she has all the appeal of a wet paper napkin. But you know you can really dress up the toad with a couple million bucks. We've got the right message. We've got the message of a fresh face and a fresh perspective at a time when people really want a change in Washington. And you know it's just a question of getting that message out. We're knocking on doors, were talking to people, were listening to voter concerns; where as my opponent sits in her office in Washington D.C. and guzzles down huge amounts of cash by special interest groups. That's what's wrong with our political system today. I think everybody recognizes it, and our job is to get the message out. So we're contacting hundreds of voters every single day. And let me remind everybody that this is an election in a fifty fifty district. It's going to boil down to a few thousand votes and our job is to get the message out to concerned voters, that if you're sick of the way things are going and if you believe that the same people who got us into the present mess aren't going to get us out then vote for me.