Monday, July 17, 2006

Daily News: Needle Outpacing the Gun

Philadelphia Daily News contrasts homicides and drug fatalities.

Drug deaths are outpacing homicides in Philadelphia, even as the bodies piled up during one of the city's deadliest weekends with 19 shot - six of them fatally.

As of yesterday, city records show there were 266 drug deaths. This compares to 211 homicides, more than 80 percent of them committed with handguns.

And authorities expect both homicides and drug deaths to surpass last year's totals, when there were 488 drug deaths and 380 homicides.

Daily News: “It's horrendous”

Philadelphia Daily News recounts rape assault.

Cops said that about 4 a.m. Saturday a 21-year-old woman and her 23-year-old boyfriend were returning to her house on Salmon Street near Cumberland when two armed men forced their way inside, tied them up with electrical cord and demanded money and valuables.

Upon hearing the commotion, police said, a third victim, 25 - the 21-year-old's roommate - came downstairs, where she was grabbed by one of the assailants, taken back upstairs and sexually assaulted.

Downstairs, the other assailant beat the boyfriend severely. Then, he forced the girlfriend into the kitchen and sexually assaulted her.