Sunday, July 30, 2006

A Night For Our Future

Last night was an evening for the Northeast.

One hundred people packed the Bridesburg VFW Post #2, for an Emergency Crime Forum held by Raj.

Philadelphia Town Watch and a local Police Officer took part in a discussion of citizen’s concerns. Many people including a brave man I met named Nick had a lot to say.

Nick voiced his fears concerning the battle against narcotics on the street. I could just feel the scars within him as he talked to me. I really saw the pain in his eyes. Nick went clean after seeing many of his friends die of overdoses and suicides. He fears for his area’s future and the children who may become involved with drugs.

He called for more police and town watch to deal with the festering problem. Raj answered, “Philadelphia Town Watch is here and will help. Vote me into Congress and I will provide more funding for police and increase the federal funds allocated for programs such as Town Watch.”

Not one person left early and many approached Raj afterward to ask more personal questions. A few people even ask to be volunteers for the campaign.

Last night, I sensed a great energy in the air and a belief that this growing problem could be solved. I would like to personally thank everyone who came out, especially the members of the VFW Post #2 who allowed us to use their hall.

Ryan D.

Scouts’ Parents “Fed Up”

Philadelphia Inquirer relates Boy Scouts’ predicament.

For the last eight years, Philadelphia narcotics detective Andy Callaghan has spent his spare time working with adolescent boys.

"The parents, we, are fed up being labeled as discriminatory," Callaghan said. "The scouts are the original 'don't ask, don't tell' organization. I know for a fact there are gay people involved in scouting. It's our position that scouting is for everybody."

Losing the Cradle of Liberty Council's city headquarters would be a disaster, said J.R. Brockman, scoutmaster of Troop 133 in Philadelphia's Overbrook section, one of the nation's oldest African American scout troops.

"Regardless of where you stand on the issue, [losing the headquarters] will only be detrimental to the kids," said Brockman, scoutmaster for nine years. "It would have a devastating impact on youth."