Monday, August 21, 2006

Republicans for Environmental Protection Endorses Raj

Republicans for Environmental Protection (REP) is pleased to endorse Raj Bhakta in his candidacy to represent Pennsylvania's 13th District in Congress.

The 10-year old Republican conservation organization, with a nationwide grassroots membership that also includes many elected Republican officeholders, said that Bhakta is a strong advocate for protecting our environment and supports policies that will responsibly address the serious environmental challenges facing America.

"Raj is a conservation-minded Republican in the great tradition of Theodore Roosevelt," said REP President Martha Marks. "He truly understands environmental issues and is committed to responsible policies that control sprawl, improve air and water quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve our natural resources, and promote clean, renewable energy."

Marks added, "Our party as a whole is not where it should be when it comes to environmental protection. That is why we need to elect Republicans like Raj Bhakta to Congress. His enthusiasm, energy and strong stewardship ethic will be a positive force in Congress and help build the bipartisan support needed to solve our most pressing environmental challenges."

Republicans for Environmental Protection is dedicated to restoring the GOP's great conservation tradition, which began with the vision and leadership of President Theodore Roosevelt.

"Republicans were responsible for most of this nation's landmark environmental laws and for protecting many of America's national parks, forests, wildlife refuges and wilderness areas," Marks said. "We are fortunate to have candidates like Raj stepping forward to carry on that stewardship tradition."

Inquirer: Releasing Criminals Not An Option

Philadelphia Inquirer reports Lynne Abraham’s position.

District Attorney Lynne M. Abraham yesterday announced that she would weigh in on a federal lawsuit filed on behalf of inmates alleging crowded conditions in city prisons.

Abraham said that one of the remedies proposed in the suit - releasing inmates to relieve overcrowding - would endanger public safety.

"The last time prisoners were released by a prison cap order, they unleashed a crime wave on the citizens of Philadelphia," Abraham said in a statement. Her office yesterday filed a motion to intervene: to become a third party to the suit in order to protect its interest - public safety.

In the 1980s, the city was sued in federal court by prisoners alleging overcrowded conditions. The city settled by accepting a cap on the prison population, and releasing scores of defendants charged with lesser offenses.

Abraham said that as a result, the number of fugitives nearly tripled, and thousands of them were rearrested for new crimes.

Congratulations Bianca Ryan!

Raj applauds victorious Mayfair resident:

Bianca Ryan, a big-voiced 11-year-old schoolgirl from Philadelphia, was crowned the first $1 million winner on NBC's America's Got Talent Thursday night.

Teary-eyed and at a loss for words when the show's host, Regis Philbin, called her name, Ryan – one of 10 finalists – admitted her shock afterwards.

"I thought he was going to say 'after the break,' I didn't know he was going to announce it right away," she said.