Saturday, August 26, 2006

What Does Your Shirt Say?

Philadelphia Daily News depicts negative apparel.

The white T-shirt has an oozing, blood-red "38's" on it, with a checkered "38 Specials" written across the chest.

But what incensed Nuriddin the most was the design near the bottom of the shirt, which seemed to represent everything that his career - not to mention his role as a father - was meant to prevent:

Two young black men, with eyes blotted out, aiming handguns at each other's heads.

Following the senseless success of the "Stop Snitchin' " T-shirts, many stores are now selling T-shirts with slogans just as damning - or worse:

Shirts depicting angry, drug-dealing snowmen with the slogan "Trapper of The Year" - slang for Dealer of the Year - available at the South Philly Kicks USA.

"MasterThug" shirts, sold at SneakerVilla on N. 52nd Street near Ranstead in West Philly, which feature a copy of the MasterCard design - but instead of credit card numbers, the gauges of guns such as the AK-47 are shown.

One shirt, found at Cap USA on S. 11th Street near Walnut, is a twisted knock-off of an Utz potato-chip bag. It features masked men with guns atop a pile of money. And instead of Utz's smiling cartoon girl at the top, there's a cartoon of a masked thug holding a gun and money. "Gutz - No guts, no glory," reads the shirt. "Gangstas don't die. We multiply!"

On Dingell, Schwartz Strangely Silent

Evening Bulletin questions Congresswoman’s calm.

Representative John Dingell, a Democrat from Michigan, who publicly stated during a July 30 an interview with Michigan TV station WDIV-TV, "I don't take sides for or against Hezbollah, or for or against Israel." Congressman Dingell's comment, coupled with his vote against a House resolution condemning Hezbollah, ignited a storm of controversy.

Representative Allyson Schwartz, is a Democrat, from Pennsylvania's 13th Congressional District. Congresswoman Schwartz portrays herself as a devoted supporter of Israel. She often invokes that she is descended from a holocaust survivor.

Yet, when asked to comment about the remarks made by Dingell, her office refused. They merely cited a speech given by Schwartz, stating her devotion to Israel.

Schwartz's inability to comment is interesting to say the least.

This is a grave concern because voters must know whether Representative Schwartz is more loyal to her party or her purported principles. Will she not even issue one comment expressing some disquiet about the moral equivalency a leading Democrat draws between a terrorist group and a democratic nation?

Allyson Schwartz: A Zero

Despite a strong public outcry to see government wastefulness curbed amidst record-breaking deficits, Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz turned a tin ear to taxpayers by voting for more wasteful spending than any other member of the House of Representatives in the entire country.

Schwartz was the only member in the House of Representatives who received a zero-percent ranking from the taxpayer watchdog group Citizens Against Government Waste in a report released this week.

“This confirms that without a doubt that Allyson Schwartz is the most fiscally liberal member of Congress,” said Congressional Candidate Raj Peter Bhakta. “In this day of record breaking deficits, the 13th District should not have the most fiscally irresponsible representative.”

“I believe Congress has lost its way,” said Raj. “We cannot spend our way into prosperity. Congress is selling our children’s future one vote at a time.”

Since 1989, the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste (CCAGW) has examined Congressional roll-call votes to determine which members of Congress are voting in the interest of taxpayers. Their goal is to applaud the members who want to protect our tax dollars and cut spending. At the same time, CAGW seeks to alert the taxpaying public to those who use public funds for pet programs and pork barrel spending.

“Schwartz proved once again that she is not in Congress for the hard working people of the 13th District,” said Raj. “The 13th District needs a congressperson that seeks to limit wasteful spending and restore honesty to our political process.”

Earlier this year Schwartz was ranked as the 423rd least effective congressperson in the country by a study published by

"It Just Betrays Ignorance”

Raj chides Senator George Allen for remarks.

Sen. George Allen, R-Va., found himself a target of much greater criticism this week when he directed another wisecrack at an Indian campaign worker for his opponent, James Webb. He called the worker "Macaca," a nickname that some observers have interpreted as a racist slur.

I thought Raj Bhakta might have something to say about the controversy, so I called him this afternoon. "Sen. Allen's 'macaca' moment was a true ca-ca moment," Bhakta said of his GOP brother. "It just betrays ignorance of the Indian community and our contributions to American society."

While no one can be certain that Allen meant to demean the campaign worker because of his Indian ancestry, Bhakta said, it was totally inappropriate of the senator to call attention to the only Indian person at the event, tease him and say "Welcome to America." He called Allen's comments "stupid" and unenlightened.

National Review Discusses Boy Scouts

Daily News: “Rodney Shot Your Mom!”

Philadelphia Daily News relates senseless tragedy.

Wearing an orange Nike shirt and shorts, 7-year-old Coy Seals sat yesterday on his grandmother's front steps in the city's Parkside section and quietly sobbed into his trembling, little hands as she gently rocked him after the sudden loss of his mother, Gloria.

His older brother, Joshua, 15, stood nearby, describing the gruesome discovery he made at his home yesterday morning.

"I woke up, and all I heard from my bedroom upstairs was, 'Rodney shot your mom! Rodney shot your mom!' " Joshua said yesterday outside his grandma's house, on 50th Street near Thompson. "I didn't know who was screaming, but then I walked downstairs and saw her lying there."

Cops said Gloria Seals, 33, was returning from work when she got into an argument with Rodney Arrington, of the city's Powelton section, as she entered her home on 49th Street near Aspen.

"My heart is broke right now. Anything I ever did, she was right beside me, helping me, supporting me and taking care of me," said Joshua Seals, of his mother. "I ain't got my pop no more, and now I ain't got my mom neither. It's really tough."