Saturday, September 09, 2006

Daily News: “A Ray of Hope For Us”

Philadelphia Daily News relates Anne Skerski’s gratitude.

In the span of four heartbreaking months, Anne Skerski lost her husband to an unspeakable act of violence and her parents to a horrific traffic accident.

Expressions of sympathy from friends and strangers alike have been pouring in to the Skerski family at a seemingly endless rate, so yesterday, Anne Skerski offered thanks.

"Words cannot express the sincere gratitude that my family and I share for all who have prayed and cared for us during this most difficult time... Through our incredible grief, there has been a ray of hope for us - the love and support of the Philadelphia Police Department, with special thanks to the 15th Police District."

Lions, Irish Set For Showdown

Fourth ranked Notre Dame faces nineteenth rated Penn State..

Possibly the most decorated program in college football history takes on one of the sport's most celebrated coaches for the first time in 14 years when the third-ranked Irish open their home schedule Saturday against Joe Paterno and No. 19 Penn State.

Paterno had an abrupt answer when asked if Notre Dame might be vulnerable at home after losing to Southern California and Michigan State in South Bend last season.

"I haven't got the slightest idea what you're talking about,'' the 41-year coaching veteran said. "All I know is the team we got to play this Saturday is a very good, outstanding football team and we have to play them on the road.''

Eagles Seek Anniversary Win

Raj’s alma mater opposes eighteenth ranked Clemson.

No. 18 Clemson visits Boston College for the first time in 23 years Saturday as both schools open their Atlantic Coast Conference slate.

Clemson (1-0) has not visited Alumni Stadium since 1983, when Doug Flutie was at the controls for Boston College (1-0), guiding the Eagles to a 31-16 victory. The teams were in different conferences and rarely crossed paths.

Now both schools are in the ACC's Atlantic Division and will be playing every year. Last season, Boston College registered its first win in its new conference with a 16-13 overtime victory in Death Valley on linebacker Brian Toal's rushing touchdown.

"I'm Just Glad We Were Able to Help"

Philadelphia Daily News recounts Ground Zero experience.

The lower Manhattan parking garage was a block long and at least seven stories high. It was packed with thousands of cars.

Philadelphia Fire Lt. John Pelzer eyed the building inquisitively for a few minutes and then flagged down a passing police officer.

"How come you haven't let anybody come get their vehicles?" Pelzer asked.

The somber-looking cop turned and slowly pointed at the still-smoldering remains of the World Trade Center.

"He said, 'The people who owned those cars were all in the towers. They never made it out,' " Pelzer recalled with a long, heavy sigh. "I never grasped the scope of what happened until then. I was astounded."

Pelzer and six of his fellow firefighters have dozens of similarly heartbreaking memories from the time they spent in New York City helping stressed-out workers at Ground Zero. They just wish they could forget them.

But this week, two of the men agreed to share their 9/11 relief and counseling experiences with the Daily News.

Street So Vein

From the Philadelphia Daily News:

I agree with columnist Jill Porter that Mayor Street should start attending the funerals of murder victims.

But he won't. Ever since the City Hall scandal, John Street will only attend an event where there is a positive light shone upon him.

Having a city that already has more than 260 homicide victims and counting does no such thing. The mayor of this city is too concerned with HIS public image to give a hoot about the rest of us.

Theresa M. Banford-Forsythe, Philadelphia

Rizzo Was Law & Order

From the Philadelphia Daily News:

The state of the city

Our city is a war zone. Our children can't even go out and play in front of their own houses. Young and old can't take a walk without being robbed.

It's a shame that Mayor Rizzo is gone. As a retired cop, I know his name alone would keep the streets safe. He would call his driver at 2 a.m. and say, "Let's take a ride in the badlands." Not like a mayor, but like a good cop. Love him or hate him, he was for law and order. I am proud to have been on the force when he ran our city. Now that he's gone, all we see are bodies being taken off our streets.

Joe Ricci, Philadelphia

Northeast Times: Grams Amongst the Children

Northeast Times details narcotics raid.

Neighborhood complaints led to the arrest of a Holmesburg man last week on charges that he sold drugs from his family’s home.

Philadelphia police narcotics field unit officers raided the home of Edward Prince, 30, on the 4600 block of Vista St., shortly before 6 p.m. last Friday, said Sgt. Joe Bologna.

Officers allegedly seized 16 grams of cocaine, eight grams of heroin and 86 prescription pills including painkillers OxyContin and Percocet. Police also found a 12-gauge shotgun, .30-caliber rifle and stolen .38-caliber handgun, Bologna said.

Investigators allegedly bought drugs from Prince during a weeklong undercover operation.

According to police, four children, ranging in age from an infant to 10 years, live in the home with the suspect.

Officer Jeff Cujdila of the narcotics field unit led the investigation.