Wednesday, September 13, 2006 Experiment in Terror depicts “Operation Kaboom”.

Police investigators posing as apple growers secretly built and partially detonated a fertilizer-based, 2,400-pound truck bomb to determine how easy it would be for homegrown terrorists to launch an attack with homemade explosives, officials revealed Tuesday.

The 2004 experiment, known as Operation Kaboom, was part of a New York Police Department program to monitor suspicious sales of ammonium nitrate and other common chemicals sold by suppliers in the New York City area.

Daily News: Bleak Ground

Jill Porter catalogs Philadelphia’s failures.

We're still losing residents, if at a slower pace than before. And we're not creating jobs.

Yes, we've begun to fix institutions like our public schools. And to reform prohibitive tax policies.

But, with one person in four in poverty, we have a long way to go.

Inquirer: Just A Number

Philadelphia Inquirer relates routine homicide.

The city's homicide toll is at 271 after a fatal shooting this morning in East Frankford.

No arrests have been made and police do not have a motive.